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We're Software Engineers and Restaurant Operators

We've been building software for restaurants since 2015 and have been operating restaurants for close to two decades.

Our Team

Team Ready to Change the World

Our History

How We Became Successful

Foodgroup is redefining food culture by setting the standard for a conversation between restaurant and diner.

2016.The Idea

After decades of experienced in the restaurant industry, we wished there was a way we could magically send coupons out to customers - old and new - in an engaging, fun way - like a social feed only for restaurants and diners.

2018.Our Establishment

Our team – one half software engineer and one half restaurant operator – banded together to form Foodgroup.

2019.The Early Days

Since then, we've had a successful pilot and released an early version of our app to serve 80 restaurants and 2500+ diners.

2020.We Are Growing

In response to COVID-19, we are releasing a simpler version of our planned full-feature app to serve restaurants in disseminating real-time information and for diners to find "live" content about their neighborhood restaurants in May and July, respectively.